Naruto Episode 176 (Dubbed)


Ep 176: 疾走, 迷走, ジグザグ走! 追って追われて間違えて - วิ่งโลด วิ่งแล่น วิ่งซิกแซก ทั้งไล่ทั้งถูกไล่สลับกัน - Zigzag Running! Chasing, Being Chased, Making a Mistake - La grande chasse à l`homme - Shissou, Meisou, Zigzag-sou! Otte Owarete Machigaete - Missione compiuta

After escaping from the cave, Naruto and the others chase after the Kedouin in order to put a halt to their plot, but the Village Hidden in the Leaves is already under attack.

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