Naruto Episode 168 (Dubbed)


Ep 168: 燃えろ寸胴! 混ぜて伸ばして茹で上げろ!! - ส่วยไปให้มันส์ ผสม ยืด เอาให้เดือดพล่าน - Burn Zundou! Mix, Stretch and Boil It Up! - Brûlons les graisses ! Mélangeons, étirons, et à la cuisson ! - Moero Zundou! Mazete Nobajite Yude Agero!! - La ricetta segreta

Choji and Naruto is craving Ichiraku`s special ramen only to find out that they find the shop closed! Teuchi reveals that his daughter has been kidnapped by Ryonin, aka the Ninja Chefs, who is after his secret recipes!

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