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We decided to write some sort of a guide to help people with watching anime streams online.
If you are like us, you probably want to watch anime for free. In today's world everything costs so much, so at least anime streaming should be free, right?
Well, yes of course, in a perfect world sure, it would be free but in this world it is not so simple.
We all need to make a living somehow. And so do animators and anime creators and manga creators and so on. People in arts have it hard. Believe me, I was there...
So if you have some money, support things that you love by buying blue-rays, DVDs, manga. Help those people who create things that you love so much just a little and they will appreciate it enormously.

We do not make money here, at We wish we could afford proper ad free streaming but it is simply impossible. Bills keep coming and keep getting bigger. Life goes on and people get sick, things happen. Jobs come and go... Families get bigger and smaller...
And this love project keeps us afloat, gives us some sort of a hobby to share passion for something that brings so much joy to our life. We put hours, days and months of work here... So don't be too harsh on us and enjoy.

  • The only places where ads are displayed are sections of this website with online streams: sub dub and hentai. Basically - you see a video - expect ads IF YOU DON'T HAVE AD-BLOCKING software.
  • Ad blocking software that we recommend on desktop computers:
    for Firefox Browser version 71.0 we use uBlock Origin 1.24.2 extension
    for Google Chrome version 79.0.3945.88 we use Adblock Plus - free ad blocker version 3.7
  • Ad blocking software that we recommend on Android phones running Android version 8.0.0:
    browser Free Adblocker Browser version 72.0.3626.121
  • That's the magic. Those browsers will allow you to install mentioned extensions (Firefox and Chrome) and they will remove all the ads automatically. For free. We use those three everyday extensively and everything works great with default settings. We tested it and confirm it.
  • Video streams need time to load. Especially for free video streaming. Adds need to load and be killed by add blocking. If network is busy, video packets need time to arrive to your computer, to your location.
    Video hosting computers need to check if video even exists yet on their equipment. So be patient when videos are loading or try to load. Give that process some time. I wait for up to thirty seconds and follow this simple tips:
    - if video box displays a thumbnail/screenshot picture from the video - all is good, video is loading
    - if video box displays controls buttons and duration time - all is good, video is loading
    - hit the play button and enjoy
  • If video box is not loading, not appearing at all or displays some weird messages, the video is probably broken.
    - you may try to wait a little and try to reload the page, if that doesn't help - video is broken.
    - if you have multiple websites open, with videos from the same host (or on the same website) close all others windows and try to watch/load only one video at the time in your browser.
      Normally video hosting websites will block too many connections to one particular IP - in this case, yours, to protect their network and resources. So don't be greedy and watch one video at a time.
  • Please help others by adding your tips in comments, we will include the best of them here by updating the article.

Thanks for reading and happy streaming!