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Watch Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit Anime Dub for Free

Main title: Keishichou Tokumu Bu Tokushu Kyouakuhan Taisaku Shitsu Dai Nana Ka: Tokunana
Official verified title in English: Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit

Other unofficial verified titles:
警視庁 特務部 特殊凶悪犯対策室 第七課 -トクナナ- in Japanese
警视厅 特务部 特殊凶恶犯对策室 第七课 in Chinese (Simplified)
وحدة تحقيقات الجرائم الخاصة - الفرقة الخاصة 7 in Arabic

Synonyms: السبعة المميزون
Short names: special7, tokunana
Show type: TV Series, 12 episodes
On air: 06.10.2019 till 29.12.2019


Long ago, the world was populated with all kinds of different races living alongside humans including elves, dwarves, vampires, and homunculi. At the top of the hierarchy were dragons who ruled over everything. Since then, the dragons have all but disappeared and the remaining races continue to coexist together. 2X19, Tokyo. The peace that has continued in the world is threatened by a criminal organization called "Nine" whose goal is to claim for themselves the powers of the dragons of old and use it to change the world. A special division of the police department is created to oppose Nine. Nicknamed Tokunana, the team is composed of experts to fight against Nine - their code names are Boss, Samurai, Ninja, Charisma, Analyzer, Sniper and also Rookie; who must prove his worth to the unit. Source: Tokyo Otaku Mode

We have 12 of 12 episodes + one half episode!

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