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Main title: Id:Invaded
Official verified title in English: Id: Invaded

Other unofficial verified titles:
ID:INVADED in Japanese

Synonyms: イド:インヴェイデッド
Show type: TV Series, 13 episodes
On air: 15.12.2019 till 23.03.2020
Tags: new


Sakaido was a famous and very talented detective until the day his daughter was killed, and he committed revenge! Now in jail, he uses his skills to help the police find criminals of cold-blooded crimes through a system that allows him to invade a criminal's "ID." But he'll soon find clues that bring back his daughter's case! Source: Funimation Note: The first two episodes were streamed by Funimation on Dec 15 for 24 hours. The regular TV broadcast started on Jan 5, 2020.

We have 12 of 13 episodes!

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