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Main title: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R
Official verified title in English: Sailor Moon R

Other official verified titles:
Czarodziejka z Księżyca R in Polish
Sailor Moon (saison 2) in French
Sailor Moon R in Romanian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Sailor Moon, la Luna splende in Italian
Other unofficial verified titles:
美少女戦士セーラームーン R in Japanese
Varázslatos álmok R in Hungarian
เซเลอร์มูน R in Thai
Navegante da Lua R in Portuguese
Сейлормун (1993) in Russian
美少女战士R in Chinese

Synonyms: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R, Сейлормун снова с нами
Short names: SM R, sm s2
Show type: TV Series, 43 episodes
On air: 06.03.1993 until 12.03.1994
Tags: action, demon, humanoid alien, magic, magical girl, manga, romance, shoujo, super power


Sailor Moon R (R meaning Romance) is itself in two pieces. The first part (Episode 1-13) features two aliens and an energy-dependent alien tree. The second part (Episode 14-43) focuses around two things: Chibiusa, a little pink-haired Usagi lookalike who literally dropped out of the sky, and a family of time-traveling enemies out to stop Chibiusa and alter the future to their end. Source:

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