Sailor Moon R Episode 10 (Dubbed)


Ep 10: Анна осуществляет операцию «Белоснежка» - Królewna Śnieżka - 衛のキス奪え! アンの白雪姫作戦 - Steal a Kiss from Mamoru: An`s Project Snow White - Ein Kuss, ein Kuss - La pièce de théâtre - Mamoru no Kiss Ubae! Ann no Shirayukihime Sakusen - Operazione Biancaneve - Annie y la operacion blancanieves

Usagi and the girls get into an argument over who gets to play Snow White in the upcoming play with Mamoru. After drawing straws, Natsumi gets the part, much to Usagi`s frustration. Source: hulu

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