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AKB0048 Next Stage dub
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Stellar Calendar Year 0048Mankind has colonized space, and entertainment has been banned. The young girls sing radiantly, to bring love to the hearts of the people. — from introThe exceptionally talented understudies of the 77th audition have become an integral part of AKB0048, with both Chieri and Nagisa showing potential to become the new Centre Nova (group member taking centre stage), a role that has been banned ever since the disappearance of the last Centre Nova Acchan.Kanzaki Suzuko, also a 77th, never wanting to become a Successor, is still wondering what happened to all the previous Centre Novae, trying to find out who the mysterious Sensei-sensei actually is that writes all their songs and controls the fate of the group. Questions no member of AKB0048 is supposed to ask.If that was not enough, the general manager Katagiri Tsubasa not only reintroduces the role of Centre Nova again, but also the General Elections where the fans decide who is most popular, to become a Successor.— written by foo2Note: The first episode received an early screening at a special event at Akihabara UDX Theatre on Saturday, December 22. Participants were chosen through a lottery held between applicants on the anime's website. Additionally a simultaneous live screening was held by video sharing website NicoNico Douga. Regular television broadcast started on January 6, 2013.

Main title: AKB0048 Next Stage
Official verified title in English: AKB0048: Next Stage

Other unofficial verified titles:
AKB0048 next stage in Japanese
Show type: TV Series, 13 episodes
On air: 22.12.2012 till 31.03.2013
Tags: idol, mecha, music, musical band, new, performance, science fiction, the arts

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A Certain Scientific Railgun S dub
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Based on the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga written by Kamachi Kazuma and illustrated by Fuyukawa Motoi, which in itself is a spin-off of the light novel, manga and anime series Toaru Majutsu no Index.Academy City is the home to circa 2.3 million citizens, about 80% of whom are students working to develop psychic powers and advanced technology. Students are ranked according to levels corresponding to their psychic powers: those without any are ranked at Level 0, and those with some manner of powers progress from Level 1, the weakest, to Level 5, the strongest. Only seven students in the whole city are ranked Level 5, and these seven are ranked among themselves as well.Electro-master Misaka Mikoto is a headstrong Level 5 esper, ranked third in the city. Her perverted and passionate roommate, Shirai Kuroko, is a Level 4 Teleporter and a member of law enforcement and public safety corps Judgment. Uiharu Kazari is Kuroko's shy Level 1 partner at Judgment and a specialist at hacking and information gathering. Saten Ruiko is Kazari's mischievous friend who has a habit of flipping the latter's skirt to find out what color of underwear she is currently wearing, much to her chagrin, and a Level 0.In this city where supernatural powers abound and urban legends are an integral part of daily life, there is never a dull day, and things are about to get more exciting again, not necessarily in a desirable way. The latest and greatest urban legends talk about money cards hidden all over the city and some mysterious project that involves clones. Having once agreed to cede her DNA map to a research that aimed to cure a form of muscular dystrophy, Mikoto isn't any pleased to hear about that project, fearing that these clones may be hers.She sets out to investigate the case, and her preliminary results show that she was indeed considered for the project, but the city's supercomputer, Tree Diagram, indicated that her clones would be far weaker than herself. Mikoto is relieved, but not for long, as she is about to discover many sleep-depriving truths about the cloning project. Meanwhile, just what are those money cards about, and, more importantly, are they anyhow related to the clones?— written by Hinoe

Main title: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S
Official verified title in English: A Certain Scientific Railgun S

Other unofficial verified titles:
とある科学の超電磁砲[レールガン]S in Japanese
科學超電磁砲S in Chinese (Traditional)
یک ریلگان علمی خاص اس in Persian
어떤 과학의 초전자포 S in Korean

Synonyms: To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S, Toaru Kagaku no Choudenjihou S, railgun s, とある科学の超電磁砲S, 某科学的超电磁炮 S
Short names: toaru s
Show type: TV Series, 24 episodes
On air: 12.04.2013 till 27.09.2013
Tags: action, fantasy, manga, middle school, science fiction, seinen, super power, tragedy

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A Certain Magical Index II (Toaru Majutsu no Index II) dub
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Based on a light novel series by Kamachi Kazuma, illustrated by Haimura Kiyotaka.On a transfer from England to Japan the The Book of the Law has been stolen. This is all the more disturbing since deciphering this book supposedly spells the end of the Roman Catholic Church, and thus destroys the equilibrium of power in the world. To make matters worse the nun, Orsola Aquinas, who recently discovered a way to decipher the book, has been kidnapped...At the Academy City the Daihaseisai, a sports festival, is underway. This opportunity is used to trade the Stab Sword — a spiritual weapon capable of killing Saints with one blow. But as it turns out the actual sword in question is far more dangerous...— written by foo2

Main title: Toaru Majutsu no Index II
Official verified title in English: A Certain Magical Index II

Other official verified titles:
とある魔術の禁書目録[インデックス]II in Japanese
Other unofficial verified titles:
魔法禁書目錄 II in Chinese (Traditional)

Synonyms: A Certain Magical Index 2, To Aru Majutsu no Index II, Toaru Majutsu no Index 2, Toaru Majutsu no Kinsho Mokuroku II, とある魔術の禁書目録II, 魔法禁书目录 2
Short names: Index2
Show type: TV Series, 24 episodes
On air: 08.10.2010 till 01.04.2011
Tags: action, fantasy, harem, magic, novel, science fiction, seinen, super power, violence

We have 24 of 24 episodes!