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Main title: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S
Official verified title in English: Sailor Moon Super S

Other official verified titles:
美少女戦士セーラームーンSuperS in Japanese
Sailor Moon (saison 4) in French
Sailor Moon Super S in German, Spanish, Romanian
Sailor Moon SuperS in Portuguese (Brazilian)
Sailor Moon e il mistero dei sogni in Italian
Other unofficial verified titles:
Czarodziejka z Księżyca: Sailor Moon Super S in Polish
Сейлормун in Russian
A Navegante da Lua SuperS in Portuguese
Varázslatos Álmok Super S in Hungarian
เซเลอร์มูน SuperS in Thai

Synonyms: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Super S
Short names: SM SS, SMSS
Show type: TV Series, 39 episodes
On air: 04.03.1995 till 02.03.1996
Tags: demon, magic, magical girl, romance, shoujo


Sailor Moon Super S turns the focus from Usagi to little Chibiusa and the pursuit of dreams as an enemy from the hidden past (the Dead Moon Circus) returns during a total solar eclipse, bent on revenge against the joyful people of Earth and intent on spoiling everyone's dreams by finding the one called Pegasus, who is hiding in Chibiusa's dreams. Source:

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