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Watch Radiant (2019) Anime Dub for Free

Main title: Radiant (2019)
Official verified title in English: Radiant (2019)

Other unofficial verified titles:
ラディアン (2019) in Japanese
虚空魔境 第二季 in Chinese (Simplified)

Synonyms: Radiant S2
Show type: TV Series, 21 episodes
On air: 02.10.2019 till 26.02.2020
Tags: action, fantasy, high fantasy, magic, shounen, Western comics


Based on a French comic book series by Tony Valente. Seth, Melie, and Doc encounter new allies in Caislean Merlin – the stronghold of the Knights-sorcerers, a group that is also after the monster called Némésis. Seth's adventure accelerates with the addition of Ocoho, a girl who hopes to become a Knights-sorcerer, a farewell with Melie and Doc, and a clash with the malicious Merchant-Barons! And all this with the Inquisition still at his heels! Source: Official website

We have 21 of 21 episodes!

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