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Watch My Hero Academia Season 4 English dubbed

Main title: Boku no Hero Academia (2019)
Official verified title in English: My Hero Academia Season 4

Other unofficial verified titles:
僕のヒーローアカデミア (2019) in Japanese
我的英雄学院 第四季 in Chinese (Simplified)
أكاديميتي للأبطال (2019) in Arabic
我的英雄學院 第四季 in Chinese (Traditional)

Synonyms: Моя геройская академия 4, أبطال الغد (2019), أكاديمية بطلي (2019)
Short names: bnha4
Show type: TV Series, 25 episodes
On air: 12.10.2019 till 04.04.2020
Tags: manga, parallel world, shounen, super power


Based on a super hero manga series written and illustrated by Horikoshi Kouhei. The villain world teeters on the brink of war now that All For One is out of the picture. Shigaraki of the League of Villains squares off with Overhaul of the yakuza, vying for total control of the shadows. Meanwhile, Deku gets tangled in another dangerous internship as he struggles to keep pace with his upperclassman—Mirio. Source: crunchyroll

We have 25 of 25 episodes!

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