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Main title: Hoshiai no Sora
Official verified title in English: Stars Align

Other unofficial verified titles:
星合の空 in Japanese
星合之空 in Chinese (Simplified)
سماء النجوم المنبجلة in Arabic
Show type: TV Series, 12 episodes
On air: 28.09.2019 till 27.12.2019
Tags: new, school clubs, school life


The boys' soft tennis club is the joke of the middle school. Not only does it not win nearly as much as the girls' team, its members also come off as lazy, entitled, and just generally lame, with the notable exception of team captain Shinjou Touma. He's constantly frustrated by his teammates' behavior, but things come to a head when the president of the student council announces that clubs with poor performances will no longer receive school funding. Therefore if the boys' soft tennis club doesn't win at least one match at the summer tournament, they're history. Although the whole team agrees that this is unfair, only Touma is truly upset, and he tries desperately to think of a way to turn things around. When a kid he knew from childhood, Maki, moves back to town and proves to have grown up to be athletic, Touma thinks he's saved. But Maki's got his own issues to deal with, and even if he agrees to join Touma's club, there may not be much he can do anyway. Source: ANN Note: The first episode received an advance web delivery on 28.09. The regular TV broadcast started on 11.10.2019.

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