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Shakugan no Shana Second dub

Based on the novel by Takahashi Yashichirou.Shana and Alastor — the Lord of the Crimson Realm — continue to do battle with the Guze no Tomogaras, who are trying to steal the Power of Existence from mortals. In the last battle, Yuuji is revealed to be a mystes, a torch with nearly unlimited Power of Existence. Since the Tomogaras want to capture Yuuji and use him to upset the balance of the Realm, Shana resolves to protect Yuuji. Yuuji then vows to join Shana in her fight.

Main title: Shakugan no Shana Second
Official verified title in English: Shakugan no Shana Second

Other official verified titles:
灼眼のシャナII[Second] in Japanese
Other unofficial verified titles:
작안의 샤나 2기 in Korean

Synonyms: Burning Eyes Shana 2, Burning Eyes Shana II, Ognistooka Shana II, SHANA Liepsnojančios Akys 2, Shakugan no Shana 2, Shakugan no Shana II, Shana Second, Shana dos Olhos Ardentes II, Shana of the Burning Eyes 2, Shana of the Burning Eyes II, Вогняноока Шана ІІ, Жгучий взор Сяны (второй сезон), 灼眼的夏娜 第二季
Short names: SHANA 2, SHANA II, SHANA2, Shakugan 2, Shakugan II, SnS 2, SnS II
Show type: TV Series, 24 episodes
On air: 05.10.2007 till 28.03.2008
Tags: action, contemporary fantasy, demon, fantasy, love polygon, novel, romance, seinen, super power

We have 24 of 24 episodes!

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