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Kanata no Astra [CHINESE] manga
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Name: Kanata no Astra
Alternative titles: Astra Lost in Space, 彼方のアストラ
Author: Shinohara Kenta
Artist: Shinohara Kenta
Demographic: Shounen
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Theme: Survival
Scanlation Group: no group

The year is 2061, when space travel is now possible and commercially viable, and the students of Caird High School embark on their Planet Camp. But soon after Group B5 arrived at their planetary camp site, a mysterious and unforeseen sentient light sphere warps its 9 members into outer space, stranding them 5012 light years away from their home planet. With the discovery of an old, unmanned spaceship nearby, the students must stay strong, manage their limited resources and remain united in the darkness of space, so that all of them can survive their long and likely perilous trek back home aboard the Astra. Won the 12th Manga Taisho Awards in 2019. Links: Author's Twitter, Anime on ANN

Taiyou no Ijiwaru [POLISH] manga
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Name: Taiyou no Ijiwaru
Alternative titles: Taiyou no Ichiwaru, 太陽のイヂワル, 太陽のイヂワル 惣領冬実傑作短編集
Author: Souryo Fuyumi
Artist: Souryo Fuyumi
Demographic: Seinen
Genre: Drama, Psychological, Slice of Life
Scanlation Group: MiA Universe

A collection of four short stories by Fuyumi Souryou. The Rainbow Fish is a story about a painter and her problems dealing with a culture that doesn't leave too much space for artistic inspiration. From a little girl to adulthood, Sari struggles to show how she sees life through her eyes. This story is something of an autobiography. Damned Sun is about a cynical girl who isn't very enthusiastic about most things teenagers like. She meets a man, a funny, interesting gangster. They get along very well from the beginning, understanding each other without too many words... But it only lasts one day, since what shakes Maki from her apathy can't last long... Strange Trait asks the question: Are human beings are like groceries? Do they really have a certain durability? A writer thinks so, and she bases her novel on the idea. A Strange Gene is about Ayano Yoshimusa; a superb worker, efficient, accurate, and cold. Saegusa, her colleague, is her opposite: messy, chaotic and warm. He admires his boss, whenever he talks to her he realises what a perfect creature she is. But as always, not everything is what it seems. When a sixteen years old appears and tells him she lives with Ayano Saegusa seems to perceive that something might be hidden under the perfect appearance of this beautiful woman.

Yoru no Gakkou e Oide yo! [POLISH] manga
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Name: Yoru no Gakkou e Oide yo!
Alternative titles: Auto Focus Eyes, Auto Focus no Hitomi, Koi 10!!, Love 10!!, Nachts auf dem Schulhof, Petto no Petto, Yoru no Gakkou he Oideyo!, 夜の学校へおいでよ!, 愛在校園夜之戀
Author: Chiba Kozue
Artist: Chiba Kozue
Demographic: Shoujo
Genre: Romance
Theme: School Life
Scanlation Group: MiA Universe

Hayasaka Yoru lost her parents, and was taken in by her relative, Enomoto, who's a junior high school teacher. Her house is called "School House", which is on the premise of the school. The students would gather there and have fun every day, but when they go back, it's very quiet and lonely. One day, at school at night, she found an unexpected side of her classmate Yamane. Gradually she becomes attracted to him...?!

Hatsukoi ni Oboreta [POLISH] manga
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Name: Hatsukoi ni Oboreta
Alternative titles: Drowned in First Love, Hatsukoi ni Oboreta, Juonteki na Kanojo, My Grudging Girlfriend, Sweet Cool, 初恋に溺れた, 첫사랑에 빠지다
Author: Sakurada Hina
Artist: Sakurada Hina
Demographic: Shoujo
Content: Smut
Genre: Drama, Romance
Theme: School Life
Scanlation Group: MiA Universe

Compilation of short stories: 1-3) Hatsukoi ni Oboreta 4) Sweet Cool Suzu's boyfriend suddenly broke up with her at the end of summer vacation. She pretended that it was alright while he was there, but as soon as he left she began to cry. The kind and cool Jun was passing by and gave her some sweet chocolate to cheer her up. The next day, they discover that they go to the same school. What will happen with this pair whose introduction was so sweet? 5) Juonteki na Kanojo aka My Grudging Girlfriend: After losing a bet to his friends, Ginji, a well known playboy of his school, has to ask out Kei Natsumi, “the darkest woman in school” as the kids call her. Natsumi always spends her time in the library reading horror books and it’s not that Ginji is afraid that he’ll be turned down but he’s afraid of her gloomy atmosphere. Will he be able to light up her life?

Boku wa Kiss de Uso wo Tsuku [POLISH] manga

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Name: Boku wa Kiss de Uso wo Tsuku
Alternative titles: Boku wa Kisu de Uso o Tsuku, Boku wa Kisu de Uso wo Tsuku, By way of a kiss, I lied, I Lied with a Kiss, Kiss與謊言, Mysterious Honey, Soprano (TOMA Rei), 僕はキスで嘘をつく, 神秘之吻, 說謊之吻
Author: TOMA Rei
Artist: TOMA Rei
Demographic: Shoujo
Genre: Mystery, Romance
Theme: Reverse Harem, School Life
Scanlation Group: MiA Universe

Kitazono Meiko falls asleep in the library one day, only to be awakened by a kiss! She is unsure of who it was that kissed her, however, since there are multiple boys still in the library. Could it be the popular boy Shinoda-senpai? Or the super-cool Mikoshiba-senpai? The boy-next-door type Mogami? Or the cute underclassman Hachiya? Who could it be? They're all possible candidates but which one does Meiko like the best...? Volume 1 Extras/Oneshot: - Soprano Volume 2 Extras/Oneshots: - Anna no Kami ga Nagai Ryuu - Hakka Drops