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Hatsukoi ni Oboreta [POLISH] manga
Name: Hatsukoi ni Oboreta
Alternative titles: Drowned in First Love, Hatsukoi ni Oboreta, Juonteki na Kanojo, My Grudging Girlfriend, Sweet Cool, 初恋に溺れた, 첫사랑에 빠지다
Author: Sakurada Hina
Artist: Sakurada Hina
Demographic: Shoujo
Content: Smut
Genre: Drama, Romance
Theme: School Life
Scanlation Group: MiA Universe

Compilation of short stories: 1-3) Hatsukoi ni Oboreta 4) Sweet Cool Suzu's boyfriend suddenly broke up with her at the end of summer vacation. She pretended that it was alright while he was there, but as soon as he left she began to cry. The kind and cool Jun was passing by and gave her some sweet chocolate to cheer her up. The next day, they discover that they go to the same school. What will happen with this pair whose introduction was so sweet? 5) Juonteki na Kanojo aka My Grudging Girlfriend: After losing a bet to his friends, Ginji, a well known playboy of his school, has to ask out Kei Natsumi, “the darkest woman in school” as the kids call her. Natsumi always spends her time in the library reading horror books and it’s not that Ginji is afraid that he’ll be turned down but he’s afraid of her gloomy atmosphere. Will he be able to light up her life?

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