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Jungle de Ikou! dub

The archaeologist father of a young girl named Natsumi returns from a dig in New Guinea with a statue as a gift for his daughter. Unbeknown to Natsumi the statue is the seal for the God of Destruction and Chaos, Ongo. And she unwittingly releases Ongo when putting on the jewel earrings of the statue. Instead of being a horrible monster, Ongo turns out to be a super-deformed jungle boy. Natsumi then has a dream where Aham, the God of Earth, appears before her. He is a perverted old shaman that has a large horn covering his private parts. Ahem gives Natsumi a skull necklace that allows her to transform into the extremely busty Flower Goddess Mii. To transform, Natsumi must do an erotic and perverted dance, transforming when she seemingly orgasms. This sets the tone for the rest of the series, as any other magic that a female performs is accompanied by a dance.Source: AnimeNfo

Main title: Jungle de Ikou!
Official unverified title in English: JUNGLE DE IKOU!

Other unofficial verified titles:
ジャングルDEいこう! in Japanese

Show type: OVA, 3 episodes
On air: 26.03.1997 till 26.09.1997
Tags: action, comedy, ecchi, gigantic breasts, large breasts, magical girl, new, pantsu

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