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Dragonball Z - Movie 1 (Dragon Ball Z: The Dead Zone) dub

Gohan is kidnapped! The evil Garlic Jr. is gathering the seven Dragon Balls to wish for immortality. Then Garlic Jr. plans to take over the world and make the entire human race suffer for the death of his father.Goku rushes to save Gohan, but arrives at the fortress just as Garlic Jr. summons the Eternal Dragon. Krillin and Piccolo try to help Goku, but their combined strength is no match for Garlic Jr., who creates a Dead Zone (black hole) to suck our heroes into oblivion. Suddenly Gohan starts to show his hidden power, but will it be enough?!

Main title: Dragon Ball Z (1989)
Official verified title in English: Dragon Ball Z: The Dead Zone

Other official verified titles:
DRAGON BALL Z (1989) in Japanese
Dragon Ball Z 01 - À la poursuite de Garlic in French
Dragon Ball Z: Martwa strefa in Polish
Dragonball Z - The Movie: Die Todeszone des Garlic Jr. in German
Other unofficial verified titles:
A ameaza da zona escura in Galician
Dragon Ball Z - Garlicin jäljillä in Finnish
Dragon Ball Z: Devolva-me Gohan in Portuguese (Brazilian)
Dragon Ball Z - A Zona Morta in Portuguese
Dragon Ball Z - La vendetta divina in Italian

Synonyms: Dragon Ball Z - The Movie: Die Todeszone des Garlic Jr., Dragon Ball Z: Give Me Back My Gohan!!, Dragon Ball Z: Ora no Gohan o Kaese!!, ドラゴンボールZ オラの悟飯をかえせッ!!
Short names: DBZ Movie 1, DBZMV1
Show type: Movie
On air: 15.07.1989
Tags: action, fantasy, manga, science fiction, shounen, super power

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