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Baccano! OVA dub

Baccano! (which translates to ruckus or stupid commotion) focuses on the stories of different characters in the Prohibition Era of America. Originating back to 1711, a group of alchemists seeking eternal youth are given a special potion by a mysterious demon, making them immortal. However, alchemists began disappearing, and realizing the danger of being close to one another they scatter around the world.Now in the 1930's, all of the immortals have come together once again. Baccano! tells the stories of each of these immortals, ranging from alchemists, street gangs, thieves, FBI agents and even the mafia.Source: Absolute AnimeNote: the 3 special episodes that were included with the DVD releases directly continue the story of the TV series.

Main title: Baccano!
Official verified title in English: Baccano!

Other unofficial verified titles:
バッカーノ! in Japanese
Baccano! in Polish

Synonyms: Baccano!, Murder Train, Баккано!, Рейвах!, Шумиха!, Шумотевица!, باكانو
Short names: baccano
Show type: TV Series, 13 episodes
On air: 27.07.2007 till 02.11.2007
Tags: action, contemporary fantasy, gunfights, historical, mafia, novel, seinen, violence

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