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Angel Beats! OVA dub

A mixed media project originally conceived by Maeda Jun with original character designs by Na-Ga, from Visual Art's/Key.Death and reincarnation are inescapable, but what happens in between? Without warning and without his memories, a boy who only recalls his last name - Otonashi - wakes up next to a girl named Yuri who offers him a gun and tells him to shoot an angel. Assuming it must be a misunderstanding, Otonashi is then almost killed by the angel and is drawn into Yuri's army to battle to delay the beginning of his next life. Immortality is within reach, but if Otonashi remembers how he died, will he keep fighting or allow himself to vanish?Note: The first episode was pre-aired during a special event for the Angel Beats multimedia project, held in Tokyo on March 22, 2010 to a selected number of lucky first-time viewers, who were chosen from a nationwide postcard lottery held until March 12.

Main title: Angel Beats!
Official verified title in English: Angel Beats!

Other unofficial verified titles:
Angel Beats! in Japanese
แองเจิลบีทส์ แผนพิชิตนางฟ้า in Thai
Angel Beats! in Chinese (Simplified), German

Synonyms: Angel Beats, Angelo širdies dūžiai, Eņģeļa Pulss, Ангельские ритмы!, Пульс ангела!, エンジェル ビーツ!, 天使的心跳, 天使的脉动, 엔젤비트!, 엔젤비츠!
Short names: AB!
Show type: TV Series, 13 episodes
On air: 03.04.2010 till 26.06.2010
Tags: action, comedy, contemporary fantasy, fantasy, gunfights, new, seinen, tragedy

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