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 Sword Art Online Alicization sub

Based on Kawahara Reki's light novel series Sword Art Online.Kirito awakens in a vast, fantastical forest filled with towering trees. In his search for clues to the truth of his surroundings, he encounters a young boy who seems to know him. He ought to be a simple NPC, but the depth of his emotions seem no different than a human. As they search for the boy's parents, Kirito finds a peculiar memory returning to him. A memory from his own childhood, of this boy and a girl, too, with golden hair, and a name he should have never forgotten - Alice.Source: yen pressNote: The first episode received a special screening at Tokyo International Forum Hall C on 15.09.2018. It was also screened in Munich, Paris, Los Angeles, Melbourne and Moscow on the same day.

Main title: Sword Art Online: Alicization
Official verified title in English: Sword Art Online Alicization

Other unofficial verified titles:
ソードアート・オンライン アリシゼーション in Japanese
소드 아트 온라인: 앨리시제이션 in Korean
刀劍神域 Alicization in Chinese (Traditional)

Synonyms: SAO Alicization, Sword Art Online - Alicization, Sword Art Online III
Short names: SAO3
Show type: TV Series, 24 episodes
On air: 07.10.2018 till 31.03.2019
Tags: action, adventure, angst, contemporary fantasy, fantasy, love polygon, novel, nudity, romance, science fiction, seinen, swordplay, violence, virtual world

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