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Based on an action fantasy science fiction light novel series written by Gatou Shouji and illustrated by Murata Renji.A hyperspace gate opens above the west coast of America. On the other side of it lies the world of fairies and monsters. People who live there call it Leto Semani, "Land of Man". Together with Gate, a huge island appears. Now it is named Caliena San-Teresa. It has become the front door to another world and home to over 20 million people. A place where magic culture and Earth culture overlap. The most beautiful and chaotic city glorified as "City of Dreams".Tilarna Exedilika is a novice knight that came from another world. She lacks common sense and is an innocent beautiful girl. Kei Matoba is a talented detective of San-Teresa police department. He is a clumsy man with cat allergy. In the city that connects parallel worlds with hyperspace gates, the two were ordered to work together. While being constantly at conflict, Matoba and Tilarna chase after a common enemy and gradually, a strange trust begins to develop between them.Source: Baka-Tsuki

Main title: Cop Craft
Official verified title in English: Cop Craft

Other unofficial verified titles:
COP CRAFT in Japanese

Synonyms: コップクラフト
Show type: TV Series, unknown number of episodes
On air: 09.07.2019 till ?

We have 7 of ? episodes!