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Karneval dub
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Nai searches for someone important to him, with only an abandoned bracelet as a clue. Gareki steals and pick-pockets to get by from day to day. The two meet in a strange mansion where they are set-up, and soon become wanted criminals by military security operatives. When Nai and Gareki find themselves desperate in a hopeless predicament, they encounter none other than the country's most powerful defense organization—Circus!!

Main title: Karneval (2013)
Official verified title in English: Karneval

Other unofficial verified titles:
カーニヴァル (2013) in Japanese
Карнавал in Bulgarian
Show type: TV Series, 13 episodes
On air: 04.04.2013 till 27.06.2013
Tags: action, bishounen, fantasy, genetic modification, josei, manga, super power, tragedy

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Jungle de Ikou! dub
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The archaeologist father of a young girl named Natsumi returns from a dig in New Guinea with a statue as a gift for his daughter. Unbeknown to Natsumi the statue is the seal for the God of Destruction and Chaos, Ongo. And she unwittingly releases Ongo when putting on the jewel earrings of the statue. Instead of being a horrible monster, Ongo turns out to be a super-deformed jungle boy. Natsumi then has a dream where Aham, the God of Earth, appears before her. He is a perverted old shaman that has a large horn covering his private parts. Ahem gives Natsumi a skull necklace that allows her to transform into the extremely busty Flower Goddess Mii. To transform, Natsumi must do an erotic and perverted dance, transforming when she seemingly orgasms. This sets the tone for the rest of the series, as any other magic that a female performs is accompanied by a dance.Source: AnimeNfo

Main title: Jungle de Ikou!
Official unverified title in English: JUNGLE DE IKOU!

Other unofficial verified titles:
ジャングルDEいこう! in Japanese

Show type: OVA, 3 episodes
On air: 26.03.1997 till 26.09.1997
Tags: action, comedy, ecchi, gigantic breasts, large breasts, magical girl, new, pantsu

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama! dub
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Based on Fujiwara Hiro's Kaichou wa Maid-sama! shoujo manga, serialised in LaLa.The romantic comedy centres on the student council head named Ayuzawa Misaki, who despises the mostly male, slovenly population at her school, which was once an all-boys school. However, Misaki's quite handsome schoolmate, Usui Takumi, just discovered her secret — that she works after school at a maid cafe.

Main title: Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
Official verified title in English: Maid Sama!

Other official verified titles:
Maid-sama in German
Other unofficial verified titles:
会長はメイド様! in Japanese
Maid Sama! in French
Służąca Przewodnicząca in Polish

Synonyms: Class President is a Maid!, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Przewodnicząca jest Pokojówką!, kaichou wa maidsama, Şefa clasei e servitoare., Президент - горничная!, Президент студенческого совета - горничная!, Президент студради - покоївка, Училищната президентка е прислужничка!, نماینده مدرسه پیشخدمته!, 会长是女仆大人
Short names: KaichouMaid, KwMs, Maidsama
Show type: TV Series, 26 episodes
On air: 02.04.2010 till 24.09.2010
Tags: comedy, high school, love polygon, maid, manga, romance, school life, shoujo, sudden girlfriend appearance

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IS: Infinite Stratos 2 dub
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Based on a light novel series by Yumizuru Izuru, illustrated by Okiura.The students at the IS Academy are trained to become pilots for the Infinite Stratos (IS) weapon system. And Orimura Ichika is the only male among the otherwise female students at the academy capable of piloting an IS.Much to the chagrin of the five girls — ojou-sama Cecilia Alcott, sporty Charlotte Dunois, girly Huang LingYin, sober Laura Bodewig, and tsundere Shinonono Houki — that already have a crush on Ichika, other rivals appear...Such as the mischievous and quite direct student council president Sarashiki Tatenashi who forces Ichika into additional training, to improve his skills in combat. Or a previously unknown little sister, Orimura Madoka, in cohorts with some enemy force, linked to the worldwide theft of IS units. Or Tatenashi's shy younger sister Sarashiki Kanzashi Ichika is asked to team up with for the upcoming tag matches.— written by foo2

Main title: IS: Infinite Stratos 2
Official verified title in English: IS: Infinite Stratos 2

Other unofficial verified titles:
IS<インフィニット・ストラトス> 2 in Japanese
Short names: Infinite Stratos 2, is2
Show type: TV Series, 12 episodes
On air: 04.10.2013 till 20.12.2013
Tags: action, harem, mecha, novel, power suit, school life, science fiction, seinen

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K-On! The Movie (Eiga K-On!) dub
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Adaptation of Kakifly's seinen yonkoma manga series K-ON!. Serialised in Manga Time Kirara magazine since 2007 (and in sister magazine Manga Time Kirara Carat since 2008).Graduation draws near for Yui, Ritsu, Mio and Tsumugi, the four 3rd-year students of the Light Music Club. They, together with Azusa, decide to go on a post-graduation trip. Their destination, decided by lot, is London!~ translated and adapted from official site by Cranston

Main title: Eiga K-On!
Official verified title in English: K-On! The Movie

Other unofficial verified titles:
映画 けいおん! in Japanese
더 무비 케이온 in Korean
K-ON! - The Movie in German
Short names: K-On Movie
Show type: Movie
On air: 03.12.2011
Tags: 4-koma manga, comedy, daily life, high school, manga, music, musical band, school clubs, school life, seinen, the arts

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Ikki Tousen Xtreme Xecutor dub
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Based on Shiozaki Yuuji's Ikkitousen manga.Nanyou Academy, led by Sonsaku Hakufu, allied with Ryuubi Gentoku's Seito High School, have together won a resounding victory over Sousou Moutoku's Kyoushou Academy at the Battle of Chibi. However, there is no rest for the weary as a figure stirs from within the site of the battle...At the same time, another figure stands before the gates of Kyoushou. Upon closer inspection, it turns out to be a high school girl with a ponytail, wearing a jersey and toting a rucksack. She smashes aside all Kyoushou fighters who try to stop her. Occupying the academy's P.A. room, she issues her challenge: "I am Ryoushuu's Bachou Mouki! Fight me, Sousou Moutoku!"The peace won at Chibi is short-lived. Despite the recent setback, Sousou Moutoku is fast recuperating his power. In addition, a new faction arises in the form of Nanban High School.~ translated and adapted from the official site by Cranston

Main title: Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor
Official verified title in English: Ikki Tousen: Xtreme Xecutor

Other unofficial verified titles:
一騎当千 XTREME XECUTOR in Japanese

Synonyms: Ikkitousen 4
Short names: ikki4, ixx
Show type: TV Series, 12 episodes
On air: 26.03.2010 till 11.06.2010
Tags: action, ecchi, high school, large breasts, manga, martial arts, pantsu, seinen, super power, violence

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